The fictional citizens are aware of being watched but they can not see the person and so they have to live in sense of paranoia. It is the way of control them with fear.

On the other hand, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 help us to find the past, analyze the present and imagine the future because there is an authority on what people with think and it can not allow people to think for themselves, but Bradbury try to describe the society from his own point of view. First of all, “Fahrenheit 451” symbolize books burning at 451 degrees, and the main character is Guy Montag who work as a fireman. The writer, Bradbury create an ironical world where fireman burning books rather than putting out the fires. If you read a book or have a book, you are punished by the state. For instance, While Montag walking, he encounters a girl, Clarisse, and talked with him everyday, also she asked him many question about firefighting. Montag say, “It’s fine work. Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn ’em to ashes, then burn the ashes. That’s our official slogan.” (Bradbury 6) This quote represents the state rule that is powerful because these writers questioned and challenged societal norms. Since novels memorize human experience, ideas and emotions, provides reach to others. If there is no books, we have no past and history. That’s why Bradbury demonstrate how totalitarian state in the novel stop imagination and knowledge. But repressive state can not totally control and manipulate all citizens because it was effective solutions to raise awareness even though Bradbury, Orwell and other divergent writers can not deal with the system. In Fahrenheit 451, the writer create a dystopian society that is not just about danger of censorship, it also prove the effects of tv programs and generally mass media. It is the strategy of the dictatorial regime and absolute power over citizens. In fictional novel, the writer show a place of ideal perfection at first in social conditions as an utopic world, then the reader understand the society that is the reflecting of oppression and suffering because the government wears a mask to make people happy.

The second reason is that both fictions depict two different universes in which these deprivation of liberty. To begin with, in 1984, George Orwell show the society where individuality is banned and try to illustrate what the society would be if individual liberty is gone because he gave a the tragic delineation of the map of totalitarian system. The writer create a party that full of absurdism for example The Ministry of Truth say lies; the Ministry of Love responsible in torture; the Ministry of Plenty suppress Oceania’s economy; and the Ministry of Peace promote war. There are actually many irony of managition. Ingsoc1 or maybe let say Tory Party2 aimed to total control over people and their minds. Individuality would be designed by the party, Ingsoc. It means that people turns a collection which is no differences one another. To illustrate, there is a party slogan that is oxymoron. “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 7) It refers to doublethink3 because people had to ironically believe contrasting opinions. Likewise it is closer to the reality of world; we know that superpowers were feeding by declaring war so far and that’s why it is not possible to speak of wrong versus Orwellian ideas because if people freely talk to others without fear of reaction, thus they have liberty.

Moreover, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 imagined a society where people are unquestioning, where books are burned and banned, also their liberty suppressed. Initially, Fireman, Montag adopted the social norms and he just does his own work without questions until he encountered Clarisse because she helped him to understand the universe where the loss of individual liberty.