A Consideration of the Underlying Themes in A Brave New World

The story of a Brave New World takes place in a totalitarian society where people are raised with the understanding that they have been hatched from test tubes rather than through the normal process of birth.(1) As a result, this thinking in the absence of a spiritual deity changes the view of the world the characters live in. This thought is reinforced by the fact that the character, Bernard Marx does not fit the societal norms and leaves many with the idea that there must have been a chemical mistake during his period of incubation.

Huxley skillfully paints a picture that is so technologically advanced that the common threads of morality and normal human aspirations have been pushed aside so that people are focused more on the advancement of industrial and economic growth rather than on the individual. They have been conditioned to view their lives from an entirely different perspective where success is determined by the scientific advancements of the time.

While the society that Huxley created takes place in the future, it forces us all to view the role that technology is playing in our day and to ask whether we are already on the precipice of the birth of this new world. Many of the advancements he writes about and the standardized regulation of science can be seen emerging right now in today’s modern and progressive world. For that reason, many may view A Brave New World as a sort of prophetic picture of where our society is heading and how the cultural morals and values of today are already beginning to change.

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