A Character Study of Hamlet

Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s most memorable plays has captured the minds of audiences for centuries. The principal character, Hamlet, is almost immediately recognized as someone that has more of his character hidden underneath the surface that impels them to dig for. He has an elusive quality that leaves many of them believing that he is always leaving something important out that they need to discover.


The play begins with Hamlet as a university student that is often intrigued and drawn to questions and issues that are difficult or impossible to answer. But his philosophical approach to his studies are suddenly disrupted by the news of his father’s death and when presented with evidence that it may have been his uncle who murdered him,(1) Hamlet becomes determined to expose his uncle’s role and to act on his suspicions. This attempt also compels him to seek answers to other more elusive questions relating to the afterlife, suicide, and what happens to the body after death.

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