Without doubt, watching movies is among one of the most popular ways of spending leisure time. Although, we are watching it for entertainment purposes, the amount of hours spent for this activity has a profound impact on our culture, taste and perception of life overall. Good films are not only source of positive emotions, but also critical analyzes of certain events. The film directed by Steve McQueen “12 Years a Slave” is a great example of this genre.

The film “12 years a slave” is not only an exceptionally good screened, but also provides food for thoughts to its audience. There are few contexts in this movie that triggers viewer`s reflections on given subject. The director depicted the problem of slavery on three fundamental levels – historical, personal and moral – to create full experience for the audience.

This scene provides historical insight to the life-style of white people of United States of 19th century. The action takes place in the mid-19th century, when some states of America were already free, while other, were still slave owner states. We can observe the duality of America of 1840`s when freedom and slavery lived hand-in-hand. We can see that kidnapping of African Americans from the free slates were the usual thing and you can lose everything you worked for over the night. From the dialogues of Mr. Ford we can understand that people of the South deeply believed that there is no way the Afro-Americans can have the same rights as they do, even if they had a feeling there is something wrong with this fact. The issue of slavery depicted here with all terrifying honesty and clarity.

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