The reality of our everyday life and the troublesome routine that rests as a burden on one’s shoulders urges people to look for different sources of inspiration and spiritual relief. Some of them opt for an extreme hobby, like climbing the mountain peaks, with the unrestrained explosion of emotions, while others prefer a peaceful meditation with an engaging book in their hands. No matter what type of person you are, there still exists something that gives you enough moral and physical strength to resemble a phoenix, who arises himself from ashes. One of such powerful means is music, the harmonious tones of which accompany us every minute of our lives.

It goes without saying that listening to music is the activity that people are involved into the majority of their free time. They are overwhelmed by the sounds of music while driving a car to their working place, doing shopping in the local mall or, for example, going for the morning run in the park next to the house. People spend a fortune to buy tickets to the philharmonic hall or survive the enormous queue to get the autographs of the favorite rock band. What is so special about music? It has gone beyond the boundaries of being an engaging hobby for both the teenagers and adults and became the tool that shapes one’s life style. People turn themselves to music when they are worried or stressed by any troublesome circumstances.

They switch on the favorite song while looking for the tranquility of soul or the source of inspiration. They relax and prepare themselves to the responsible tasks having their in-ear headphones on. A person can have his or her own well-established playlist of songs or enjoy whatever comes up on the radio station. Nonetheless, music remains for everyone a mode of conveying the wide range of emotions, like happiness, joy or despair, through the unmatched rhythms, the breathtaking harmonies and the philosophical lyrics. They paint beautiful visual images and make people revisit some unforgettable moments of their lives. I am strongly convinced that music is something that should not be listened to but only felt.

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