An artist, a Jew and a son of a priest, or also known as Adolf Hitler. People think Hitler was always bad, that he grew up with bad in his blood, but that can not true. People aren’t inherently good or bad, something has to change them like being mistreated, betrayed, abused and it changes their mindset causing them to turn into someone that the world has made them, someone “bad.” Your surroundings and who you look up or listen to determine how you handle situations; babies don’t know right from wrong, it’s taught.

Although Hitler apparently was not “pure” or ‘Ayran’ there was still 18 to 20 percent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 to 30 percent of Sephardic chromosomes found in his family’s DNA so he was part Jewish (The Telegraph). The things he did were horrible, evil really, but the question is WHY? Why did Hitler become that person, a person feared? Well, Hitler was an aspiring artist, but was not good enough to be one and both of his parents died.

It’s important to realize and not forget that Hitler’s mom died a horrible death. Adolf Hitler’s dad was already dead, leaving his mom and him to fend for themselves, but in 1907 Hitler’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer after going to see a doctor on January 14, 1907 (Historyplace). Hitler had to put money in a bank for his mom’s medical payment, but he eventually pulled it out to pay his way to take a test in order to get into art school. After finding out the results his mom became more ill and he had to go back home. Because she was ill he did not have the heart to tell her that he failed the test and as the holidays came upon them, Hitler’s mother was doomed for death. December 21st, 1970, his mother passed and the Jewish doctor said he had never seen someone grieve over loss as much as Hitler did. Hitler was depressed even when he first found out about the cancer and the need of surgery, he sobbed even; just imagine, for him to be that depressed, not having any parents and then be told he’s not good enough to be an artist.

Another obvious key point of argument is the hatred of the Jewish people. It’s not like Hitler invented the hatred of Jews, he just built on the antisemitic ideas that were already present. In fact, in a recorded journal Hitler kept, he wrote about having a crush on a Jewish girl. “His hatred of Jews cannot be tied down to a specific event in his life” (Annefrank). Hitler’s hate was not because of an event, but that does not mean it was inherited, it just means Hitler was taught and grew up around the teachings that Jews were evil back-stabbers.

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