Activation Austin: the name of the public health program installed. The primary goal was to advocate an active lifestyle with the resources available in Austin’s city limits. Step one was to educate the community on various benefits of exercise in a psychological, social, and biological perspective in an original flyer which highlighted different ways to be active in Austin. Step two was to create an incentive with this flyer so that the Austin community would be more inclined to participate in the event. KIND bars were used as such incentive because a prior relationship has been made with this company, and also because KIND bars’ mission is to “delight [people’s] taste buds and keep [their] body happy,” which overlaps with Activation Austin’s mission.

Majority of the time spent on the project was in the preparation phase conducting research on the benefits of exercise. Accurate, relatable, and concise information was desired for the flyer. A considerable amount of time was allotted to convey the information obtained onto an enticing, and eye catching flyer. In the future, someone educated in Photoshop would be valuable in this particular task.

Although the preparation took time, Activation Austin was prepared and set for execution. Initially, the program was planned to happen along the trails of Lady Bird Lake, however due to the weather being fickle, the Austin community whom would have stopped to discuss the benefits of exercise would not have been present on the muddy, wet trails. Therefore the West Mall of the University of Texas was initiated as plan B. In the future, long-term planning will include checking the weather or for other interferences (ex. 10k races, festivals, etc.). Out on the West Mall, volunteers were given supplemental amounts of the flyer/KIND bar packages as well as the theory, mission, and insight of Activation Austin. After roughly an hour, all the resources were handed out to various students, faculty, and staff.

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