Is Vegan the way to go?

The study aims to answer different questions that will always arise regarding veganism. More and more people are moving towards a complete vegan diet in recent years. The research seeks to respond to questions as to why people become vegans. Besides, I hope to understand what reasons inform such people in taking such dietary changes. Also, the research aims to explain the health benefits and the shortcomings of total vegan diets and its effects on the body. It seeks to decide on whether a vegan diet is the best way to go for improved health. The research won’t miss evaluating the cost of veganism in comparison to other foods.

Working Thesis

The research aims to discover under what circumstances people end up becoming vegans and analyze the health effects of veganism to determine whether it is the healthiest way to live.


Many people have switched back and forth from a vegan diet, and thus, I want to understand the reasons and effects of such behavior. My interest in this topic has led me to questions most of my vegan friends regarding their diet choices. Vegans neither eat animal products nor their by-products that include eggs and milk products. Ethical vegans have been shown to even avoid the use of products as leather, wool, and soaps and silk (NHS choices). Most people will choose veganism based on their perceived environmental, health and ethical issues. The term was initially described by Donald Watson in 1944 first referring to abstinence from dairy products and later to advocate for man’s independence from animals as a source of food. The practice, however, can be traced even

to the ancient Greek philosophers as Pythagoras. Recently, the diet has become more mainstream with various restaurants offering vegan diets as part of their menu. Celebrities, politicians and athletes have been the latest advocates for veganism. Some supermarkets retail exclusively on vegan products. Nevertheless, there have been concerns regarding the harmful effects of completely shunning off animal products with most quarters citing deficiencies of certain essential vitamins as that being associated with the vegan communities (The Vegetarian Resource Group).

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