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Fundamental Vocabulary fo...

Objective Art: Art that includes recognizable subject matter. E.g. A painting of a landscape where the trees are easily recognizable. Non-objective Art: Art that does not include recognizable subject matter. Subject Matter: The theme/ object/ concept in a work of art. Very simply, what do you see? Focal Point: The area of artwork that catches […]

Narrative as a Formal Sys...

Principles of Narrative Construction Narrative film – a film that tells a story What is Narrative? We can consider narrative to be a chain of events linked by cause and effect and occurring in time and space. Typically begins with one situation; a series of changes occurs according to a pattern of cause and effect; […]

Types of Camera Shots

Establishing shot – creates setting and constructs spatial patterns Two shot – standard Hollywood practice for a conversation Reestablishing shot – remind us where we are or return to a familiar image we’ve seen before Insert- brief shot that draws our attention to something we might have missed if a longer shot hadn’t been interrupted […]

Blade Runner Summary & An

The film Blade Runner takes place in the year 2019 in Los Angeles. Specialized robots are developed to act as slaves on an off world colony. These robots are called Replicants. This is because they are similar to human being yet created without emotions. After six Replicants escape to earth, it is the job of […]

Across the Universe: Summ...

The film Across the Universe takes place in the 1960’s. The scenery follows the dockyards of Liverpool, the war in Vietnam, the twelfth street riots of Detroit, Princeton University in New Jersey, and The rock and roll scene of New York. The anti-war movements, social protest, love and death are used to sum up life […]