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Reflective Essay Example

Over the past four months, this class has been one of the most vigorous, yet most helpful classes that I’ve ever taken. This class has helped me grow tremendously all around! With the different discussion boards, annotated bibliographies, and essays, they have given me the chance to think outside of the box and take what […]

Comparative Essay Example

Between The Hound of the Baskervilles Book and Movie The Hound of the Baskervilles originally written in 1901 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is an exhilarating novel about the investigation of the death of Sir Charles. There have been many different adaptations of the novel since then. One of these adaptations is the BBC production’s […]

Personal Essay Example

Ever since elementary school, my parents have encouraged me to go to college, but as the youngest of ten children, I observed that my family struggled with money. I began to plan furthering my education and have prepared myself by taking honors, AP, and CE courses. I am applying for the NJCU Business Honors Program […]

Short Story Essay Sample

Fear has controlled man’s view of society for centuries. Whether it’s fear of racism or distress of not being accepted, it can control the mind and overshadow the feelings of one’s self. “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and “The Children of the Corn” by Stephen King both portray the constant state of anxiety in their […]

Career Research Paper Sam...

A Career in Teaching Teachers have become an essential part in children’s lives. No matter the type, teachers have turned into a redundant need for schools and education. They have one of the most important occupations, to prepare the individuals that grow up to become leaders and citizens of this world. Requirements for teachers vary, […]

Religion Essay Sample

Dear Your Holiness, My name is Tess Baker, I’m a year nine student at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic College. In class we have been learning about the Choice to Care, and developing an understanding of Catholic Social Teachings. The purpose of this letter to you is to inform you as to how Catholics can come […]

Impact of Volunteer Work ...

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and help those around you. My first experience of volunteering for a community service agency was when I was an ornery teenager entering high school. My father and I were asked to visit 2-3 families of our church each and every month. This “job” […]

Fraternity Life Essay

Since the 1770’s, fraternities have existed to bring men collectively to teach about brotherhood and service. But over time that has started to include: wild, raging parties, sex, binge drinking, hazing and finding superiority over non-Greek affiliated college students. Fraternities have existed for hundreds of years and countless stories and studies have established them to […]